Our Therapy Dogs

What Does a Therapy Dog Do?

A therapy dog provides comfort, love, and companionship to people in places such as nursing homes, hospitals, schools etc.

A therapy dog should be well behaved in public, good around children, adults, and other animals.

Our rescue dogs that prove to have all the qualities and personality traits necessary to make a good therapy dog will go through this program. 

We want our rescue pups to go out into the world and brighten someones day when they are in need of a smile or comfort. Just the sight of a therapy dog entering a lobby at a nursing home or hospital brings an immediate smile to peoples faces and uplifts the energy in the room.

Therapy dogs not only uplift people, but the act of providing affection and comfort  also enriches the life of the rescue dog in the process. 

Do you have interest in adopting a therapy trained dog to enrich the lives of others?

Dogs Available For Adoption